Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Chalk Paint and Summer Glasses

Experimenting again!  I found these cute glasses at Winners and they are just perfect for a fun time ~ summer time ~ out on the deck time.   And, best part, I get to play with my Chalk Board paint again.
I wanted a soft colour with the Chalk paint as a label in the middle making a high contrast.  I choose four pastels from my Folk Art Enamel.  

This is the first coat, sanded and then one coat of Chalk paint in the label area.

I used a small angle brush for the label.  About a 1/4 inch size.   The paint goes on quite thin. 

Here it is with 3 coats and I am thinking I will still add one more at least. 
They are so cheerful looking! 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wednesday's Picture

My first attempt at hand made Dryer Balls ~ and they work beautifully!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Part 2 ~ How to Enter the Work Place….Again!   Part 2
Going back to work can be daunting, but with a bit of time and work, you can be confident of being the Best You can be!

In the last post was an exercise to look at your specific work skills.  An inventory, if you like, of things you can offer an employer.  In this exercise, you will look at your employability skills.  This will be helpful if you have never held a job (no shame to a SAHM – I was one once myself!)  or if you are thinking of making a radical change in your occupation.

Here’s what we do:
  • List all the skills you feel competent using, even if you are not an expert!  Be sure to list ones that you haven’t even used in awhile but could learn again quickly. 
  • Again, check the ones you really enjoy using, you will want to remember to highlight those to your prospective employer.
You can use these lists, but feel free to add to them.


Personal  *Positive Attitude *Responsible *Adaptable *Learning *Safety

Confident Organized Multi tasking Personal strengths Health practises

High Standards Financially responsible Team work or solo Areas of Improvement Safety procedures

Healthy Goal setting/priorities Innovative Opportunities & sources Stress management

Initiative Risk & follow through Changeable Achievements Demands

Community Involvement Criticism

Teamwork *As a Team member *Group Projects

Respect for others Co-operating with others
Participation & Initiative Coaching & Feedback

Tactful Flexible
Prioritize  Adaptability

Supportive Assertive
Scheduling & Timeliness Completion of Project

Under Supervision Not defensive
Planning & Organization Tools & Technology

Considerate Confronting Decision making Review

Basic *Communication *Organization *Financial *Problem Solving *Conflict Resolution

Reading/Writing Follow Directions Counting Identification Resolving

Understanding Record keeping Calculation - basic Evaluation Persuading

Grammar Organizing information Advanced calculations Investigation Negotiating

Public speaking Filing Measuring tools Creative Teaching

Relaying Information Scheduling Estimation Logical Chairing

Questioning Research  Budgeting Recommendations Sharing

Explanations Analyzing information Balancing

Application of knowledge

Now that you have marked all the ones that apply to you it’s time to further define the skills you have selected.  You need to write them out clearly in terms that apply to your experience.  Use descriptive words to help, like:  Accepting; Competent; Industrious; People-Oriented.  Looking at current advertisements for jobs is a great source for these descriptive words. Using “Who, What, Where, When & Why” create a short sentence for each skill you have on your list.  
  • For example:  Skill – Teach.  Who you Teach; What you Teach etc.; “I teach weekly watercolour classes through a local art gallery in “my town” to help further the arts and give people creative outlet.”  
These will be the building blocks to use for “the Great Game”!  

Thursday, 13 March 2014

How to Enter the Work Place….Again!

Thinking about going back to work?

shockNow there is a scary prospect for anyone over the age of 49+!  Where do you start?

*Part One:  Preparation & Identification 
The first thing to do is to sit down and start the process of figuring jobsout just who you are and what you can do.  Pull from your life all the things you have done.  Look in places like where you volunteered; jobs you have tackled; managing your home; organizing sports or artistic adventures.   Start a list!
I’m big on lists!  Make a list of all the jobs you have done.  Take each job and break it down to all the tasks that were needed to perform this particular job.  Then take each task and break them down to the skills required to perform them.
LucyOnce this is done, look it over and pick out the activities you really enjoyed doing.  When you feel good about doing something, it will often be the one you want to show/market to an prospect employer.
Does it seem like a lot of work?  Believe me, applying and interviews and rejections are a lot of heartache too.  Be prepared.